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[Nervous] At Heart

March 20, 2011

안녕하세요! Krista here.
I just thought I would write to give you a quick update on our trip to Korea. I filled out my application for my passport last week and am now eagerly awaiting it’s arrival. We’re trying to get a date set for departure so we can buy tickets, but I don’t think we have anything planned as of right now.
I have to be honest – I’m nervous. I’m a homebody. I’ve never spent more than a week away from my family, and I’ve never been out of the country. I know everything will be fine, and I’m excited to go, but l’m nervous. What if I forget something or run out of money? What if I lose something really important? I know this is probably just my nerves talking, but let me tell you – they’re not whispering!
I have to keep telling myself that everything will be okay. I have to trust God that He will take care of me.

Has anyone else ever gone on an extended trip to a faraway land? How did you feel about it? We’d love to hear from you!

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